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"We're here for a reason. I believe a bit of the reason is to throw little torches out to lead people through the dark." - Whoopi Goldberg

This was a quote posted on Fresh Start’s Facebook page in April. That month’s theme was “healing,” and I think Whoopi’s words nicely sum up Fresh Start’s entire mission. As a shelter that empowers homeless women to change their lives, Fresh Start throws a big torch out in the Lincoln community. In our 22-year history over 1,200 women have lived at the shelter and begun their healing process. By recognizing and utilizing their strengths to overcome barriers to self-sufficiency, Fresh Start residents have what it takes to overcome obstacles to homelessness, but Fresh Start lights the way to show them the path.

Fresh Start is fortunate that so many civic groups care about our residents. On April 21st, the Soroptimist International of Lincoln for Ladies Night Out at the Movies screened the Academy-Award winning film “Lincoln” for a benefit for Fresh Start. It was a fun evening at the Joyo Theater in Havelock, and it is particularly appropriate that “Lincoln” was shown. Not only was the city of Lincoln named after the sixteenth president, but Abraham Lincoln himself was a great healer during the most contentious time in U.S. history.

The month after Lincoln’s presidency began, America broke apart and was plunged into the Civil War (1861-1865). Lincoln was tasked with rebuilding a fractured nation, abolishing slavery and fighting a costly war. As the movie shows, the healing did not happen overnight. Rather, it was a lengthy process that required Lincoln to reach out to his political opponents, reluctant members of his own Cabinet, lobbyists and the American people. He forged alliances with unlikely partners but his motivations remained the same—ending slavery and ending the War.

It took him three years to get the Thirteenth Amendment added to the Constitution, but in the end Lincoln’s dream of equality was realized in 1864. The Civil War ended the following year and it was only then the nation could truly begin healing.

Just as America needed healing in 1865, so do Fresh Start residents in 2013. Thank you to the Soroptimists International of Lincoln for putting our residents front and center by holding the Ladies Night Out at the Movies. Thank you also to Fresh Start staff, volunteers and benefactors who make our work possible—allowing us to throw our torch brightly to have healing and hope for all our residents!

Thank you to our generous sponsors:

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