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“Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes.” ― Buddha

I am not a patient person by nature, but it seems like I spend a lot of time waiting. I just hate waiting for the shoes I saw at the mall to go on sale, sitting at red lights, suffering through movie trailers and watching people in front of me in the check-out line dig through their pockets or wallets for exact change. Heck, I can barely tolerate waiting two minutes for a Hot Pocket!

Because I lack the endurance, I often fall short of the discipline Buddha mentions. My impatient knee-jerk reactions are childish and there is no victory in petty mental temper tantrums.

know that the minor inconveniences at the movies or the grocery store pale in comparison to what the residents at Fresh Start face. While I don’t like to stop 30 seconds at a traffic light, I cannot imagine having to endure negotiating the maze of social services, taking the bus everywhere if I don’t have a car or not being able to see my children every day.

But these are the realities these ladies have to face, and I know I am not on the same level they are when it comes to endurance. That’s why I believe in Fresh Start’s mission—to empower these women to change their lives. For impatient people like me, it is hard to remember that change is not instantaneous; it doesn’t come in a week or even a month. Rather, it is a gradual process of transformation that comes with making one good choice after another, one day at a time. The key is having the strength to endure

Endurance is key in losing weight; waking up early one day to run can lead to a second early morning. Saying “no” to one brownie empowers you to make better decisions eating. Good choices are small victories and over time, that creates positive momentum. And once positive momentum is in place, you set yourself up for success.

This month as I wait in the checkout line or get up early for my morning run, my thoughts will be with the residents at Fresh Start and the staff who work with them every day. My prayer is that they will have the endurance to find the strength and do they work they need to overcome their barriers to homelessness and, ultimately, win the victory of transforming their lives. One day at a time.

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