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FAQ of Community

Community FAQ

We often get questions about what we do and how we do it. If you know someone in need, please contact us. Thank you!

  • Q. Who is eligible for services?

    A. Any adult woman (age 19 and above) who is homeless, able to care for herself, not a safety risk and who wants a supportive program to help her meet her goals. Women in recovery from substance abuse must be addressing that issue (i.e. have completed inpatient treatment or participating in intensive outpatient services) and have been drug free for a minimum of 30 days.

  • Q. How soon is someone able to move into Fresh Start?

    A. Fresh Start usually has a wait list for residential services. Length of time on the wait list varies; it depends on when housing becomes available for current residents. The wait can vary from a few days to a few months.

  • Q. Where do the women come from, before coming to Fresh Start?

    A. Women are referred to Fresh Start from many places; most are referred by a treatment facility, another community service agency or probation/parole officers. Some women hear about Fresh Start by “word of mouth” and call for an intake.

  • Q. What is the intake process?

    A. The homeless woman needs to call and schedule an appointment with a Fresh Start case manager. During that appointment, she will be asked about her needs and background and the Fresh Start program will be described.

  • Q. Does the client have to pay any program fees?

    A. If a woman has no income, then she does not have to pay any program fees. If she has an income then she pays a certain percentage of it to fees and to her own savings fund, called a Self Sufficiency Fund.

  • Q. The program description says Fresh Start is a drug free environment. What does that mean?

    A. Fresh Start supports a drug free home, to support our residents in recovery form substance abuse, in addition to safety reasons. To ensure this, random and regular drug tests are conducted on residents. If someone tests positive, they will be asked to leave the program.

  • Q. What kind of house rules are there?

    A. Fresh Start strives to balance the program and facility rules with a sense of home. However, there are rules such as a curfew and household chores.

  • Q. May someone just participate in the community support program and not the residential program?

    A. Participants in the community support program have to have completed the residential program.

  • Q. Does Fresh Start provide transportation?

    A. Fresh Start does not provide transportation. However, Fresh Start is on a bus line.

  • Q. What is the average length of stay?

    A. Women are asked to give a 3 month commitment and may stay for up to one year. The average stay is 5 - 6 months.

  • Q. How many women live there and what is the facility like?

    A. Up to 24 women may live at Fresh Start at any one time. There are 12 rooms, with 2 women sharing each room. There is a private lounge for residents along with more open areas on the main level.

  • Q. May people visit the women who live there?

    A. Residents may have people visit them at Fresh Start, and may invite people to support at the facility. Guests are allowed from late morning to early evening. No guests are allowed overnight and they are not allowed on the residential level where the rooms and private lounge are located.

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