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Board & Staff

Board of Directors

Fresh Start is thankful for the service of the volunteers who serve on the Board of Directors. Members of the Board serve a three year term and are eligible for three consecutive terms. Board members serve on committees, which include: executive, finance/personnel, marketing/community engagement, fund development and The Daisy. If you are interested in joining the Board of Directors or serving on an ad-hoc basis, please contact our office at 402.475.7777.

Members of the 2020 Board of Directors include: President Nikki Gohring (UNL), Past President Liz Gebhart (DHHS), Vice President Michelle Keogh (Hampton Enterprises), Treasurer Nick Ludwig (Union Bank & Trust), Treasurer Elect Victoria Fertig (KPMG), Secretary Kristi Wamstad (Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure),  Jenn Beebee (Relish Catering), Connie Benjamin (Retired, Community Volunteer), Regina Flowers (UNL Libraries), Emily Green (DHHS), Seth Hansen (Builders and Tradesmen Insurance), Margie Hobelman (WestGate Bank), Cynthia Petersen (Wells Fargo).


Members of the 2019 Board of Directors include: President Liz Gebhart (DHHS), Vice President Michelle Keogh (Hampton Enterprises), Treasurer Nick Ludwig (Union Bank & Trust), Secretary Nikki Gohring (UNL), Past President Cynthia Petersen (Wells Fargo), Jenn Beebee (Relish Catering), Victoria Fertig (KPMG), Emily Green (DHHS), Margie Hobelman (WestGate Bank), Michael Reinmiller (theavdude), Kristi Wamstad (Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure), Bub Windle (Hilgers, Graben).  

2018 Board of Directors 
Back Row: Olivia Bond; Michelle Keogh; Tari Miller; Emily Green; Nikki Gohring, Secretary; Nick Ludwig, Treasurer; Sue Wortmann; Denise Robeson; Cynthia Peterson, Past President   
Front Row: Michael Reinmiller; Bub Windle; Liz Gebhart, President; Kari Schmitz, Vice President; Lora Curry; Krista Vogel; Mindi Chollet; Monica Zinke, Executive Director   
Not Pictured: Jenn Beebe, Chris Peterson 


2021 Staff Members include: 
Monica Zinke, Executive Director 
Meg, Program Coordinator
Audrey, Development Coordinator
Andrea, Case Manager
Dawn, Overnight/Shelter Support
Deb, On Call Worker
Demetria, On Call Worker
Emily, Overnight/Shelter Support
Haley, On Call Worker
Lin, Overnight/ Shelter Support
Lissa, Case Manager
Red, Case Manager

Staff, pictured at the 25th Anniversary celebration in 2016
Back Row: Sandy, Monica, Red 
Middle Row: Stephanie, Meg 
Front Row: Deb, Audrey, Deanna 
Not Pictured: Julie, Marla, Demetria, Amber