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Fresh Start Welcomes Automatic Monthly Donations with Seeds for Change Program

Fresh Start invites the public to join their recurring giving program, Seeds for Change, to sow seeds of second chances for women who are changing their lives. You can make a difference at Fresh Start with a monthly gift of at least $10 that is automatically charged to your credit card account. Set it up once and forget about it until you want to stop. This is money Fresh Start can count on every month. For example, your $15 a month provides daily meals for one person.

“I am a monthly giving member because it is a win-win way to support a mission that is important to me personally, and important to our community,” shared Jane Wood-Bennett, a monthly donor through Seeds for Change. “The impact that our modest monthly gift brings to the women at Fresh Start is immeasurable. We are giving them the tools in which they are then able to utilize to once again become invaluable members of the community. This is done with the utmost grace, dignity, and patience that every human deserves. I never have to think about sending in the monthly gift; it is transacted automatically. There could not be an easier way to be a part of such an amazing organization!”

Learn more about Fresh Start or set up an automatic monthly donation to Seeds for Change at If you have questions, please contact Audrey Back at (402) 475-7777 or by email

Thank you to our generous sponsors:

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